Online Training Courses

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Project Risk Management  Risk Management Professional: Prep for the PMI-RMP Exam  

This is the formal 30-contact hour training course on Project Risk Management.

This training course will give you all the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that you need in order to manage risks proactively, prepare for and pass the PMI-RMP exam.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and understand all Project Risk Management processes, as outlined in the PMI® PMBOK® Guide 5th  Edition
  • Gain the necessary information to prepare for the PMI® Risk Management Professional (PMI RMP®) Certification Exam
  • Use internationally-recognized  best practices for managing risks.
  • Avoid common risk management mistakes
  • Describe Risk Management principles and techniques and how they apply to the day-to-day management of projects and operations
  • Learn and use common risk management terminology Be more focused and proactive about preventing problems as opposed to dealing with them as they occur.


Project and Risk Management  Schedule Network Diagram and Critical Path Method  This is a short training course about the Project Schedule Network Diagram and the Critical Path Method (CPM).

In this training course, you will learn the following topics:

  • What Project Schedule Network Diagram 
  • How to create a Project Schedule Network Diagram
  • How to determine the Critical Paths and calculate their length
  • How to determine the Near Critical Paths and calculate their lengths
  • What the Critical Path Method (CPM) is
  • How to apply the Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • How to perform a Forward Pass and Backward Pass on the network diagram
  • How to calculate the Early Start (ES) for activities
  • How to calculate the Early Finish (EF) for activities
  • How to calculate the Late Start (LS) for activities
  • How to calculate the Late Finish (LF) for activities
  • How to calculate the Float  for activities

This training course consists of 5 videos with total duration of more than 40 minutes .  The method used in this training course is narrated PowerPoint slides and step-by-step explanation.
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