Practical Project Management

Title  Practical Project Management
Duration  40 Training Hours 

This is a practical hand-on training course during which participants go through the project life cycle in a simulated environment where they apply all the knowledge and skills that they learn in this course.

Target Audience

Project managers, team leaders, project coordinators, and any staff heavily involved in project work.

Course Objectives
  1. Give solid understanding of project management concepts and knowledge
  2. Introduce PM best practice
  3. Apply PM best practice, tools and techniques
Course Outline
1. Project Management Overview
  • Define Project and Project Management
  • Project Constraints
  • Project - Program - Portfolio
  • The Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Essential skills for the successful project manager
  • What is a Successful Project?
  • 2. Choosing Your Project 
  • Decide between alternatives
  • Your fist meeting – The project kick-off meeting
  • 3. Initiating Your Project
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Analyse stakeholders
  • Stakeholders management plan
  • 4. Planning Your Project
  • Gather requirements
  • Determine the project scope
  • Approve the project scope
  • Develop the project schedule
  • Determine the project budget
  • Plan quality
  • Plan resources
  • The Communication Matrix
  • Plan risk management
  • Plan procurements
  • 5. Controlling Your Project
  • Manage issues
  • Analyse the project progress (EVM)
  • Your second meeting - Report on progress
  • Control and manage change
  • Compress the project schedule
  • 6. Closing Your Project
  • Verify scope
  • Obtain approvals
  • Celebrate
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