"The Project Management Professional (PMP) training course that was held in Baghdad by Mr. Fahad Saadah was a great course and very knowledgeable with the information of project management and how to deal scientifically through the process of management. Mr. Fahad made us eager to attend the course due to his great personality and his qualified information."

Eng. Marwan Khammas - Snr Civil Engineer
Eng. Asmaa Adel - Snr Civil Engineer
Al-Mutasim Company for Contracting
Ministry of Housing
Baghdad - Iraq



"I am one of the lucky ones who took the PMP training early in 2014 with Mr. Fahad Saadah. It was honestly one of the most amazing courses…it was a great experience for me during which I learned a lot about management …and the way that Mr. Fahad delivered the training so perfectly that you wouldn’t experience any boring moments especially in the full day training.  

And when I started studying I was glade that most of the martial in the course was covered-although it’s a big one- and very excited that I remembered most of it."

Eman Masalmeh
Senior Software Quality Assurance
Amman - Jordan





Mr. Armistico Punzalan
Merchandising and Operations Supervisor
Arasco Foods
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia


"After I left my job to stretch my maternity leave as much as I saw suitable and decided to get back to work field and therefore needed to be equipped for my first project , Fahad was there to offer me a free of charge course. He was an excellent instructor and mentor and a great example of how of high value human brings should be. Knowledge , know how, very well communicated . I'm forever grateful and respectful to him."

Jehan Shanableh
Business Development Consultant
Amman - Jordan

"I was struggling working on my new project, but the guidance that I received from Fahad was very helpful and I managed to build an effective project management plan within the deadline. 
The consultancy service at WMC is excellent and enlightened me on several aspects of Project Management, and I will be honored to work with Fahad again for my next project."


Omar Saadeh
Sales Manager
Perth- Australia


“ During this short period we worked with wave management consulting represented by Fahad Saadah. The aim of this short period was to educate all the project managers in Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO) to follow and use PMI methodology during any project. At the beginning it was a really challenging task for us since PMI was new world and also we need to customize the templates to fit with ARASCO needs. Fahad did great job in short and increased the knowledge and motivated all the project managers to follow and use PMI and see the benefit of this standard. We don’t document now just for documentation rather than to help us to produce something efficient.
I would say thanks a lot for your efforts Fahad now all the IT department in ARASCO is following PMI and I am proud to be one of your team member in this period and now I am leading one of the biggest projects in effective way with your help. ”

Abdullah Alhaddad
Network Team Leader and IT Project Manager.
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

“ Here at ARASCO we turned our Project Management capabilities from a weakness to a strength in only one year, and we thank Fahad for that. The unique thing was that we didn’t feel as typical customer-vendor relationship as from day one Fahad was on the ground with our team assuring that it will not only be PM knowledge transfer but it will cover with it the right practice. It was a full PM implementation done to a team of 50 Employees by only one man. I just want to thank you Fahad for showing us in real life how project perfection is done and for all your efforts in mentoring and shadowing our team step by step till they reached the great level that they are in now. ”

Fahad S. AlSabti
IT Applications Manager
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

I had the pleasure to be with you and attend the PMP trainiong course. The content and knowledge that was delivered was at a professional level and in an interesting way, which helped me improve my project management skills and benefit in my personal life as well. I felt that the knowledge received prepared me well for the PMP exam.

Eng. Mohsen Al-Matrafi
Project Manager
Bin Laden Group
Makkah - Saudi Arabia

“ In my capacity as a project manager I learned so much from Fahad's rich experience in project management and leadership. Fahad's style is "leading by example". His guidance and motivation always kept us looking forward to achieving higher successes. ”

Murad Kettaneh
PMO Segment Manager
Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

“ I had the honour of working with Fahad Saadah during the setting up of our PMO. Fahad's dedication and professionalism was a key factor in the success of establishing the PMO.

Throughout the project, Fahad worked intimately with the PMO officers to transfer as much knowledge and experience to them as possible and guide them to success. He was a big motivator for the team and a role model. Fahad was always well prepared for meetings and his communication was effective and simple. ”

Omar Binroshoud
Senior Business Analyst
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

“ I worked with Fahad Saadah for 18 months as a project manager.
During that period, I learned so much from him. Not only he transferred knowledge to his team, but his true leadership style taught us by example.

Fahad showed great leadership skills through which he was able to coach and guide us, which in turn helped us deliver our work in a more efficient and organized manner.

One thing I truely enjoyed in Fahad is his clear and effective communication which was aparent in his task assignment and reporting.

I owe it to Fahad for suucessfully closing some of the hardest projects that I managed.

The thing that I miss the most is the practical workshops that Fahad used to hold regularly for us through which he addressed real-life situations that we faced and helped us overcome the obstacles. ”

Salah Murad
Project Manager
Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

“ I worked as a project manager reporting directly to Fahad Saadah. I must say that the period during which I worked with Fahad was one of the most beneficial and fruitful to me both in my project management and problem solving skills. Fahad guided and helped me to overcome some of the hardest obstacles in my projects. His passion and dedication to his team are unmatched. ”

Saud Aslam
Senior Project Manager
Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

“ Fahad is an excellent project manager, He has a long experience in managing project and following standards and customizing work processes.
Not only I have learned a whole lot from him while he was managing the project i was working on, he has also helped me in obtaining my PMP certification by providing me with an effective study plan, guidance and direction, I will always be thankful for his continuous support and guidance. ”

Yara Alkhader
Managing Director
Amman - Jordan

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